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We are H&H food products based in Tirunelveli, the land of world famous ‘Halwa’. We are a bunch of management professionals who have more than 10 years of business experience. We ventured into new businesses and came out successfully. In all our business endeavours, we experienced the power of ‘QUALITY’ which always speaks for us.

Tirunelveli, the southern area of Tamilnadu is famous for the river Tamiraparani, Nellaiyappar Temple and many other temples. Tirunelveli preserves and cherishes the cultural values in all aspects of life. Among them, the traditional food varieties are loved by one and all.

The large number of people throngs to the sweet stalls, bakeries and restaurants is the testimonial to the tasty foods and the appreciation by the taste lovers. Sweets and snacks makers from other areas believe the uniqueness of the Tamiraparani river water which adds to the taste.

We have done a lot of research work and preferred our much wanted traditional snacks. People always like the quality snacks once they are convinced of the taste and the quality of the ingredients. By testing the quality and taste with many people, we have come up with the super fine quality snacks, Me Too.

Perfect packing ensures the original taste which is not lessened by any means. Processing of your online orders is well streamlined and making payment and receiving the products is a hassle free.

By relying on our quality and service and by using the ever expanding internet we spread our wings to reach all the people of India, who always appreciate good taste.

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